Latest Garmin Kenwood DNX690HD Map Update Without Any Cost

How To Update Garmin Kenwood DNX690HD Map Free Of Cost?

Garmin DNX690HD has become a well-known brand in the GPS industry and this range, Garmin DNX690HD Map has set a milestone in the front of the audience but sometimes, users face lots of issues with this device. Such as:

  • The touchscreen is not working well.
  • Connectivity issue with Bluetooth, USB, wireless, or other.
  • The navigation unit is not responding.
  • Hanging issue.
  • Getting error on the display screen or much more similar issue.

So, if you are getting the above-presented issues so that can arrive due to the update and you didn’t apply the latest Garmin DNX690HD Map Update from a few months or days. But, don’t worry about it, just see the below given solving steps.

How to Get Garmin Kenwood DNX690HD GPS Update?

Get Free Garmin Kenwood DNX690HD GPS to update

  • Firstly, insert the SD card from the vehicle. (You need a minimum 1 GB SD card with proper space)
  • Now, visit the official website of Garmin Kenwood via any web browser such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other. 
  • Tap on the update button. 
  • Go to the purchase map section. 
  • Add your model name and number. 
  • Make payment via a suitable payment option. 
  • After purchasing the map, tap on the activate button. 
  • Follow the screen instruction and click on the install update. 
  • If installation has been completed so just remove the SD card from the computer and place it in the vehicle. 

Thus, you will get the latest Kenwood DNX690HD Garmin update via the above-presented method but on the duration of the update, your internet speed must be good otherwise you can face the installation issue. 

How to Get a Garmin DNX690HD Map Update without any Cost? 

If you don’t want to purchase a map so just follow the below-mentioned instructions which are free of cost. 

  • Just open your GPS device and tap on the navigation. 
  • Now, go to the settings option and find the map option. 
  • Touch on the update button under the map & vehicle section. 
  • And if there will any Garmin Kenwood DNX690HD GPS update appear. 
  • Just tap on the update button and wait for a while. 

Now you are done!