latest Garmin Kenwood KNA-G510 GPS update

How to get instant Garmin Kenwood DUNX5080EX GPS update?

Garmin DUNX5080EX is one of the user-friend and multifeatured device of the Garmin and it is very compact for Nissan, Mercedes, Honda, Volvo, Hyundai, or other top-notch brands but sometimes, users face  Garmin Kenwood DUNX5080EX GPS update issue so if you are getting similar issue so don’t go anywhere because here you will get complete and accurate information about the update with very short steps, just see the below-given instructions.

Easy Steps to Garmin Kenwood DUNX5080EX GPS Update :

Now, insert the SD card into the navigation unit.

Just visit the ‘’ website through any web browser.

Now, tap on the update under the Purchase map and traffic update section.

If you are an existing user so just sign-in via credentials. 

Choose your model via name and number.

Follow the screen instruction & your map will up to date.

Finally, remove the SD card from the computer and place it into your vehicle.

Besides, you can simply Kenwood DUNX5080EX Garmin update the map via the above-given steps but if don’t have a lifetime purchase license so you will not get a map free of cost so just see the follow and process of purchasing a map. 

How to Purchase a Map for Kenwood DUNX5080EX Garmin Update? 

Purchase a map for Kenwood DUNX5080EX Garmin

Just visit via any web browser such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, or other.

Tap on the update map button and select the latest map from the list.

Add your device via model number and name.

Now, press on the Add to cart button and go to the checkout process.

Select the payment option and make payment via a suitable payment mode.

You have successfully ordered the map and after then, you can take the Garmin DUNX5080EX Map Update via the activation process.

Therefore, users can also order the software by the above-presented method but on the duration of installation, just check the automatic update on the GPS device and select suitable maps and software.

That’s all.