setup of HP Officejet Pro 9020 Printer

How To Setup HP Officejet Pro 9020 Printer?

  • Place your Printer on a flat surface after receiving it from shipment.
  • Remove all stickers and tapes from the printer.
  • Connect your printer with a power socket through the cable.
  • Tap on the power button and go to the display control panel of the printer.
  • Select your language, country, and date as per choice.

Ink Cartridges and Paper Setup of HP Officejet Pro 9020 Printer:

Open the ink cartridges tank according to the slot wise. Usually, HP offers four types of colour ink cartridges so just open the cape and install as per the color-wise and after completing the level of the tank, close all the tank carefully.

Add the bundles of the white paper into the paper tray and check the alignment of the paper and go for the downloading the Setup HP Officejet Pro 9020 Printer. OJpro9020 Printer Wireless configuration

Before installation of setup HP Officejet Pro 9020 Printer, users should provide wireless connectivity to the printer and on the duration of installation, the printer and computer system should be connected with the same network.

  • Now, hit on the wireless button of the printer and go to the control panel display screen.
  • Tap on the Network setup under the wireless section.
  • Enter the wireless name and password under the wireless setup wizard.
  • After then, go for the HP Officejet Pro 9020 Printer Installation with help of WI-FI. 

HP Officejet Pro 9020 Printer software installation using Wireless Connection: 

  • Visit the HP official website by OJpro9020 via any web browser.
  • Enter the model name and number and after then, press the download button.
  • After completing the download process, just run the downloaded file on your computer.
  • HP easy start will appear on the display screen.
  • Just select the software which you want to download.
  • Now, check the box on the downloading method so just choose the wireless connection.
  • Enter the wireless credentials and go for the installation.
  • After completing the installation process, just tap on the Finish button.

HP Officejet Pro 9020 Printer Software Setup with the help of USB cable:

This will be a mistake if you have connected the USB cable before installation so just remove the USB cable from the printer.

  • Now, visit the Setup Officejet Pro 9020 printer.
  • Select your printer by entering the model name and number.
  • Hit on the download button and the file will download bottom left in the computer.
  • After then, connect the USB cable between the computer and the printer.
  • if you have completed the downloading steps, so HP window will display on your PC.
  • Choose the software which you want to install for your HP printer.
  • Select the connection method so just check the box on USB.
  • Enter the location and find the again printer from the list.
  • After completing all the steps, just press the finish button.
  • Now you are done!