Update Garmin KNA-G510 GPS Device

Learn How To Update Garmin KNA-G510 GPS Device?

Garmin always offers the best quality and compact devices to their users and in this range, Garmin Kenwood KNA-G510 GPS has become a top-selling device because it offers the best class navigation system, HD camera for parking, excellent class connectivity with Bluetooth, perfect size HD display and many more features. But sometimes, users face Garmin Kenwood KNA-G510 GPS update issue so if you are one of them so just follow the below presented steps.

Steps to get Garmin Kenwood KNA-G510 GPS Update: 

    • If you have removed the SD card from the navigation system so Just, make a Garmin folder under the SD card.  
    • For better Garmin Kenwood KNA-G510 GPS update, you need at least 1 GB space on your SD card.
    • Tap on the browser and pick the SD card reader from the list.
    • Now, this time choose the Garmin folder from the location.
    • Unzip the saved file on the SD card directory.
    • Remove the SD card very carefully from the computer.
    • Turn off the navigation system and place the SD card with proper alignment.
    • Run the downloaded executable file.
    • Your navigation system will give you the message for the map update.
    • Tap on the Yes button and the update process will start.
  • Wait for a while and don’t power off your device on the duration of the Kenwood KNA-G510 Garmin update.

Furthermore, users can simply install the update via above presented steps but on the duration of installation, you have to use high-speed internet for instant downloading. 

How to check the latest Garmin Kenwood KNA-G510 GPS Update?

If you have successfully installed maps, as well as the software, on the GPS device so you can easily find the Kenwood KNA-G510 Garmin update with the latest version number.

  • Turn on the device and tap on the menu section.
  • Go to the settings option and select the About.
  • Now, press the software and map option.
  • Check the latest update with version.

Now you are done!